Alec Baldwin Returns as Trump on “SNL”; Tweets Back to President-Elect Trump

NBC/Will Heath(NEW YORK) — We need not have worried that it’d be a while before Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump.  Turns out he only took last week off.

Baldwin was back Saturday as the president-elect, once again featured in the cold open sketch.  So was Kate McKinnon, this time playing not Hillary Clinton, but Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, looking increasingly more nauseated as she ushered a succession of people into the room while Trump pondered his staff picks, and his presidential agenda. 

Perhaps the highlight of the sketch — other than Baldwin’s Trump Googling “What is ISIS?” and McKinnon’s Conway fighting the urge to vomit when saying Vice-president elect Mike Pence’s name — was when Baldwin greeted Jason Sudeikis, reprising his role from the 2012 election as Mitt Romney.  The real-life Romney was a vocal critic of Trump’s during the campaign, and so surprised many when it surfaced last week that he’s rumored to be under consideration for a cabinet position. 

Baldwin and Sudeikis shook hands in silence, faces frozen in a smile, for 20 seconds before Sudekis declared, “This isn’t going to work, is it?” 

“I don’t think so,” replied Baldwin, as Sudeikis turned and left the room.

If you’ve wondered what the president-elect may think about Baldwin’s impression?  He doesn’t care for it.  Trump tweeted Sunday morning that Saturday’s broadcast was a “totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all,” and then asked, “Equal time for us?” 

That drew a series of tweets from Baldwin himself, who declared the election was over, adding, “There is no more equal time. Now you try to be president and people respond.  That’s pretty much it.” 

After a few more tweeted suggestions, Baldwin ended with, “I could go on. You want more advice, call me.  I’ll be at SNL.”

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