Lady Gaga's Manager on Super Bowl: “She's Training for This Just Like an Athlete”

Courtesy of Lady Gaga/NFL/Pepsi/Interscope(HOUSTON) — Lady Gaga is getting hyped for her big Super Bowl halftime performance on Sunday: she recently posted an Instagram video of herself and her mother doing cartwheels in the end zone in Houston.  But behind the scenes, Gaga’s manager says the singer is working as hard as the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots are to make sure of a winning performance.


In a Pepsi behind-the-scenes video posted on Twitter, Gaga’s manager Bobby Campbell says, “For us, the Super Bowl performance is her showing up the way the players are gonna show up that day for their game. She’s training for this just like an athlete: She stops at nothing to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime performance.”

“This is the type of performance that you work a whole lifetime for,” he adds. “And there’s no question that she’s absolutely made for this moment.”

So far, we don’t know whether or not Gaga will sing her old hits, or new material from her current album Joanne, though based on behind-the-scenes video, it seems as though we can expect a performance of “Bad Romance” at the very least, as well as some kind of eye-popping stunt.

“She has a heart that speaks through everything that she does,” says Campbell. “We want to bring everyone together for that 12 and a half minutes, to celebrate the game, the athletes, the sport.  But also I just want them to remember she knows how to conquer a stage like the Super Bowl.”

Gaga will give reporters a preview of what we can expect Thursday when she addresses the media at a press conference ahead of her Sunday performance.

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