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Erik Davis of Fandango 9/22/16

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by for his weekly visit on Mike & Molson to discuss all things movies.

Will Kaepernick Stand For The Anthem Again?

The Colin Kaepernick National Anthem protest is not going away, but it seems like the debate on what it represents has changed. Mike & Molson as well as listeners discuss if Kaepernick’s true intentions have been co-opted.

Is Small Talk Important?

We know Molson hates it and Mike engages in it too much, but where do you and the experts stand when it comes to small talk?

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Mike & Molson Help Plan Illinois’ Bicentennial Celebration

The Governor announced yesterday on Facebook Live a Commission to plan the State’s Bicentennial in 2018. Mike & Molson with the help of you the listeners attempt to save the Governor some time and trouble.

People Every Guy Should Have In His Rolodex/ Speed Dial

Artofmanlyness.com had a list of 10 people every guy should have in his Rolodex. This list leads Mike & Molson to decipher some tailor code.

Top Selling Movie Soundtracks of All Time

Molson found a listing of the top selling movie soundtracks of all time and we found out that Mike owned one in the top 10

Breaking News Brangelina No More

You can always count on Mike & Molson to give you the hard hitting news, like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorcing. The buys give you the news and wild accusations

Project Runway’s Tim Gunn [Interview]

An interview falls right out of the sky for Mike & Molson and it just so happens to be co-host of the Emmy nominated reality show Project Runway Tim Gunn.

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Erik Davis Of Fandango 9/16/16

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by for his weekly visit to talk all things movies including the Toronto Film Festival and this week’s new releases.

What Should Go Into Legacy Pointe?

Mike & Molson discuss what should go into Legacy Pointe, by Scheel’s in Springfield. A kebab stand is a pretty strong idea.