Mike & Molson

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Most Overrated Movies of the 80’s

There are some movies that stand the test of time, there are others sadly that do not. Mike & Molson discuss the 10 most overrated movies of the 1980’s

Best Checkout Line Strategies

The New York Times did some research on what is the best strategy for checkout lines at the grocery store. Mike & Molson share their strategies and get your best tips as well.

Oxford English Dictionary Adds New Words

The Oxford English Dictionary added another round of words to it. Mike & Molson discuss those additions as well as what words should now be taken out to fit the new ones in.

A Hairy Situation For Dear Prudie

Dear Prudie got a letter about a husband wondering how to let his wife know that her mustache is getting a bit fuller than it use to. It leads to a discussion about how the best way

The Great Straw Debate

A couple of teenagers are imploring the US to stop using straws for the entire month of October due to the fact that we use 500 million plastic straws a day. This leads to Mike & Molson

Mike & Molson Quickies :Leprosy in America and Fish to the Face 9/10/16

A couple of short segments from the show include a discussion of leprosy here in the US as well as fish falling from trees in Philadelphia.

Host of GUTS, Star of “Yes Dear”, and Currently Featured in “Sully” Actor Mike O’Malley Interview

Mike O’Malley stops by to discuss his new flick “Sully” as well as talk GUTS and what Mike may feel if and when the Cubs win the World Series.

The Only Journalist To Tour the US with The Beatles, Larry Kane [Interview]

Larry Kane was the only US journalist that traveled with the Beatles during their first tour in the US. Mr. Kane sits down with Mike & Molson to discuss those times and talk about the new Ron

Author of New Book About Altamount Joel Selvin [Interview]

Mike & Molson discuss one of Rock N Roll’s darkest days, the Altamount music fest with author and rock critic Joel Selvin

The Man Who Has Mastered Talking Backwards Kurt Quinn [Interview]

Mike & Molson talk with actor and musician Kurt Quinn, who has mastered the ability to talk backwards.