Mike & Molson

Regional Slang

There are certain phrases that are particular to just a certain portion of the country. Mike & Molson discuss some of the phrases that are on the brink of going extinct  

Songs To Hear Before You Go

A story of Gene Wilder listening to “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” as he passed got Mike & Molson thinking. What is the one song you would like to hear when you go?

Rules For Holding The Door Open

A story of a man being shot and killed for not holding the door open for a woman at a McDonald’s in Las Vegas got Mike & Molson thinking about what exactly are the rules for holding

Switched at Birth

A couple of guys in Canada find out 41 years later that they were switched at the hospital as babies and ended up going to the wrong families. The two have been friends for years. Mike &

Another Weiner Scandal

Anthony Weiner and his propensity for crank pic is in the news again and of course Mike & Molson have opinions on this latest scandal.