Mike & Molson

Michael Chiklis Interview

Actor/Musician Michael Chiklis stops by to discuss his new album “Influence” as well as his time on the set of American Horror Story “Freak Show”

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Erik Davis Of Fandango 8/25/16

Erik Davis of Fandango.com stops by for his weekly visit with Mike & Molson to discuss this week’s new releases in theaters and more.

Real Estate Potpouri

Mike & Molson discuss a billion dollar home in France and a driveway full of port-a-johns in the US.

A Tribute to Toots Thielemans

Mike & Molson pay tribute to the man behind the harmonica of the closing theme of Sesame Street, jazz harmonica player Toots Thielemans. Toots passed away at age 92. God’s speed Toots, God’s speed.

North Korea’s New Streaming Service… Manbang

With a name like Manbang you knew Mike & Molson were going to talk about it.

Stop Me When It Gets Weird: Facebook Edition

A post that Johnny saw from a former high school classmate leads to an interesting discussion on facebook posting do’s and don’ts.

Guys Will Do Anything to Impress a Lady

A story of a gentleman in Pittsburgh stuck between two buildings, because he was trying to impress a girl by jumping between them, leads to Mike & Molson sharing some of the dumb things they have done

Vegans A Sect? They are According to a Prominent Italian Chef

Vegans can be annoying at times, but do they need to be eradicated? A popular Italian TV Chef believes so and he will be the one to do it.

Marriage Rules?

Husbands have taken to Twitter to post things they never realized until they got married. Mike & Molson join in on the conversation.

Rampaging Monkey Attack at Ohio Walmart

Both Mike & Molson have an affinity for monkeys, but one monkey in a Walmart parking lot in Ohio had had enough. The boys take you to the scene of the skirmish and discover yet another classic